Helping your trust save money on mobile voice and data services

In partnership with NHS England, the Clinical Digital Solutions team at NHS London Procurement Partnership (NHS LPP) is requesting NHS trusts across England to book an audit, so that we can help you understand your savings potential and access new framework tariffs for mobile phone voice and data services.

This invaluable audit is being sponsored centrally and paid for by NHS England, utilising the new Crown Commercial Services (CCS) framework (RM6261) Mobile Voice and Data Services. 

The audit is conducted through Lot 3 of the framework by Nuvoli. Nuvoli is a telecoms management practice, dedicated to helping the public sector reduce costs and improve efficiencies across all mobile services. They are the sole Crown Commercial Services auditor of mobile estates under Lot 3 of the RM6261 framework, providing a fast and efficient audit service that also analyses the new RM6261 tariffs found in Lot 1.

What are the benefits?

By auditing your current estate, we will:

  • Identify costs that can be removed through inactive connections
  • Provide cost comparison with the new framework rates – 70% saving potential
  • Increase security of your estate
  • Release cash through unused devices
  • Avoid additional costs by recycling handsets
  • Reduce tariffs on unnecessary services

Using this data, NHS LPP will manage the rest of the contractual process on your trust’s behalf.

What do you need to do next?

Please complete this short form, which will only take two minutes. If you need support with the form, please complete as much as you can and we will call you back to finalise it. This will need to be completed by the most relevant point of contact who is able to supply all relevant documentation and have access to their supplier portal.

Once the form has been completed, a member of the NHS LPP team will review your availability and book your slot with the auditor. Other than this, there is no requirement on you and your trust - NHS LPP and the suppliers will do all of the work for you.

More information can be found in this short video here. If you have any queries about this, please email