Spotlight on: working together

The pandemic has seen teams, hospitals, other NHS organisations, the public and private sector work together as never before. With its pan-London view, since March NHS LPP has joined up a multitude of connections across the health service to solve problems and make sure NHS staff are supported as they deliver services to patients.

As the NHS continues to tackle staffing challenges, the workforce team last month introduced staffing teams from hospitals across London in an informal, networking webinar.  The webinar, run by NHS LPP through the Workforce Alliance, provided a unique opportunity for NHS professionals working in the same area to come together, reflect and to share their experiences and common challenges, as well as think about best practice and swap ideas. 

Sarah Boaden, Senior Procurement Manager – Professional Services Lead, Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust and Great Western NHS Foundation Trust said:

“The introduction to other trusts was invaluable for the Temporary Staffing Team at Great Western Hospital to build a network and feel supported in their challenges moving forward. Insights gained during the initial introduction will help inform our future procurement process and we all benefited from understanding how each hospital works and areas for improvement plus recognising what we all do well.

 “We would like to thank each of the London trusts for taking time out of their busy diaries to meet with us and huge thanks to NHS LPP and the Workforce Alliance for making this all possible. Each of the trusts will be stronger working together and we look forward to developing the relationships further.”

NHS LPP also holds ongoing weekly forums for its members working in staff bank to provide an ongoing support tool. For more information on how NHS LPP may be able to support you, or connect you with other pan-London or national networks please get in touch with the relevant team on the email address below:


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