Helping trusts plan for the future and invest in vital services

NHS London Procurement Partnership (NHS LPP) has launched a new Minor Works and Maintenance Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) to support trusts with their maintenance issues.

The DPS was created following the recent announcement by the Health Secretary that over £13 billion of NHS historic debt will be written-off, allowing hospitals more opportunity to plan for the future and invest in vital services.

A DPS is an electronic system used to purchase goods, works, or services which provides buyers with access to a pool of pre-qualified suppliers. Unlike a traditional framework, suppliers can apply to join at any time. The Minor Works and Maintenance DPS provides a quick, compliant route to market for minor works/maintenance requirements, helping trusts make buildings safer and create an environment equipped for modern care - ultimately improving the patient experience. 

Michelle McCann, Category Director, Estates, Facilities & Professional Services said:

“The cost of tackling maintenance issues rose by more than 8 percent last year and the NHS Long Term Plan highlights the need for trusts to address these type of issues.

“The DPS provides trusts with a one-stop-shop for supply, installation and maintenance needs giving them an easy way to procure all their minor works and maintenance services.”

The Minor Works and Maintenance DPS is to be managed in-house by NHS LPP

Trusts are already taking advantage of the DPS, which allows them to on-board incumbent suppliers and apply filters to assess supplier capability before any tendering exercise, providing maximum flexibility and autonomy over award criteria.

The DPS will be set up in four waves, to control the volume of applicants, with the first category wave live on 9 July 2020

For more information on the Minor Works and Maintenance DPS, please contact