Mobile phone line rental savings for members

A very real opportunity exists for NHS LPP members to improve their mobile phone line rental and data pricing with immediate effect. Read on for further details on how to take advantage of this opportunity around mobile phones, voice and data with the support of the Clinical Digital Solutions team at NHS LPP.


Through research commissioned by NHS LPP, the findings based on engagement with CIOs in trusts and ICSs revealed pan-London digital opportunities that can be accessed immediately to deliver in-year savings for members.

NHS LPP have put in place a collaborative agreement with Crown Commercial Services (CCS) and Nuvoli, an independent company that specialises in telecoms cost reduction, expense management IT deployment and IT asset management exclusively for NHS LPP members to support their organisation in realising these savings.

Whilst the agreements are based on the Crown Commercial Services (CCS) framework, NHS LPP have established a collaborative relationship for the delivery of industry-first tariffs and rates through a unique offering for mobile phone estate audits. We have negotiated with Nuvoli, to conduct the audit on your behalf at absolutely no cost to yourself as an NHS LPP member.

What are the benefits for your trust?

  • Funding: This savings initiative is offered completely free of charge and exclusive to participating member trusts. NHS LPP will fund the mobile estate audit.
  • Identifying wastage: By auditing your current mobile estate, we will identify costs that can be removed immediately from wastage through lines which are no longer in use and tariffs/services that are unnecessary.
  • Additional security: This activity will also help keep your mobile estate secure, ensuring sim cards have not gone astray.
  • Savings: Evidence has shown that in addition to removing unnecessary costs, savings of up to 70% or more can be achieved by switching from current agreements to newly negotiated tariffs.
  • We’ll do the hard work so you don’t have to: There is no work involved for you. NHS LPP and our suppliers will do all of the work for you.

What areas will the funded audit cover?

The free of charge audit will establish:

  1. What live lines and data dongles actually exist
  2. Actual contract requirements and users
  3. Security and resilience
  4. Immediate savings by cutting obsolete lines that are no longer in use.
  5. Reducing tariffs on unnecessary services.

Using the audit data, we will manage the rest of the contractual process on your behalf and carry out the remaining work for you.

What do you need to provide us with to implement savings in your trust?

A Letter of Authority (LoA) to act on your behalf, key contact details at trust level, your trust’s spend data and copies of existing contractual documents and details of incumbent suppliers. These elements will enable us to obtain a cost comparison using your audit data and map out a provision comparison.

Provision comparison

Once the mobile estate audit has taken place, we will carry out an analysis of the results. We will then compare your needs against the supplier offers through the framework and give you the details of the comparison alternative outcome to validate and approve.

Accessing the framework

If the alternative outcome is one that you would like to pursue, NHS LPP will get access to the framework on your behalf. We will check the content of the Call-Off Contract with the appropriate supplier and highlight the key benefits to you. We will also provide you with a contract reference number in order to track the submission of MI from the suppliers and the savings achieved.

Ongoing monitoring and review

We will hold review meetings to ensure performance of the contract and to monitor new line-connection requests and implement did-term audits to monitor connection management and avoid unnecessary costs creeping in.


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