NHS LPP holds its second Cooking Champ Competition

As part of NHS LPP’s commitment to staff wellbeing, we recently held the second of our competitions to encourage healthier eating. To enter to win the Cooking Champ competition, contestants had to present a main course dish containing 3 of your 5 A Day to a panel of judges in the hopes of winning a wellness voucher prize.

Five members of staff entered but it was Buthna Audi, Senior Strategic Analyst, Systems & BI (top left on the photo with GSTT Dietitian and Head Judge Anna Scott) who came out top by impressing the judges with her Freekeh Mejadra dish. The other two judges were staff members Graeme Webster (the winner of the first contest) and George Fillery.  

The event was made possible by GSTT’s Showing We Care About You programme. To see the delicious recipes of all five contestants click here.