NHS LPP mentioned in national health anchors report

NHS London Procurement Partnership (NHS LPP) has been mentioned in a recently published report led by UCL Partners and The Health Foundation.

The publication, entitled: “How Strong is Your Anchor? A Measurement Toolkit for Health Anchors”, mentions how NHS LPP has been supporting and tracking social value in NHS procurement to meet the requirements of PPN06/20 which mandates the inclusion of social value as an awarding criteria in NHS tenders.

The publication notes our pan-London approach to Social Value which includes a list of 55 measures taken from the Social Value Portal National TOMS framework, based on regional evidence of health inequalities aligned to the cabinet office social value model which formed part of the procurement policy note. And how to date, 73 NHS procurement projects have used the NHS LPP Social Value Toolkit, representing a total contract value of approximately £290m, and 11 projects in contract management phase committing to an additional £10.8m in social value for local communities.

Michelle McCann, Chief Sustainability and Innovation Officer at NHS LPP, who was interviewed as part of this publication, said: “I’m very pleased to see this important report published and I know this toolkit for anchor measurement will be a very useful resource. An anchor institution is one that, alongside its main function, plays a significant and recognised role in a locality by making a strategic contribution to the local economy, and here at NHS LPP we are very proud of how we are contributing to this area of work.”

As outlined in the report - anchor institutions are large, usually public sector organisations rooted in and connected to their local communities. They can impact on health and wellbeing, health inequalities and local social, economic and environmental conditions through the way they employ people, purchase goods and services, use buildings and spaces, enhance positive environmental impacts, and through their leadership approaches and partnership working.

If you’d like to read the full publication, please download and view the report here. Or if you’d like to learn more about Sustainability and Social Value at NHS LPP, please visit our dedicated SSV webpage here.