NHS Workforce Alliance - Permanent Recruitment framework launch

The NHS and wider public sector organisations require recruitment services to plug gaps in service provision. NHS Workforce Alliance’s Permanent Recruitment 2 framework offers UK coverage for the recruitment of permanent and fixed term appointments, and secondments.

Through the NHS Workforce Alliance, you can access a compliant route for permanent roles via recruitment agencies for individual candidate placements for clinical and non-clinical roles, and access to all services in a modular format if that suits your requirements.

Core services include:

  • Search services to find applicants
  • Evaluation of applicants
  • Appointment of an applicant to the role

Non-core services include:

  • Strategy and planning services to help you plan for recruitment gaps and ensure your organisation has the right people with the right skills
  • Talent development services to help you develop a talent pool of potential applicants with the needed skill sets


  • Dedicated supplier management from NHS Workforce Alliance and KPIs at framework and call-off level
  • Flexibility for hiring managers and departments to choose how and who they engage with from the supplier list
  • Access to capable suppliers leading to increased fill rates and avoidance of repeated campaign costs
  • Suppliers are required to develop Employer Value Proposition (EVP) to ensure contracting authorities are attractive to the candidate market
  • Direct award and further competition options available
  • No hidden costs: methods of attracting candidates, such as social media, digital campaigns, and job boards are included in the cost of the service


Lot 1: Clinical General Recruitment
Lot 2: Non Clinical General Recruitment (launching 18 June with circa 105 suppliers)


  • 1-1 Recruitment Ltd
  • Ackerman Pierce
  • Adada Healthcare Services
  • Advanta Healthcare
  • AllenDay
  • Amida Healthcare Ltd
  • Appoint Recruitment Solutions Ltd
  • Axis Recruitment Ltd
  • BDI Resourcing Ltd
  • Bespoke Medical Solutions
  • Blackstone Recruitment
  • Brand Healthcare Services Ltd
  • Charterhouse Medical UK Ltd
  • Concept Care Solutions Ltd
  • Coyle Medical
  • De-Charles Resources Ltd
  • Direct Healthcare 24 Ltd
  • Direct Medics Ltd
  • Drake Medox
  • Eden Brown Synergy
  • Emerald 247
  • Envertiz Consultancy
  • Finegreen – The Healthcare Recruiter
  • Genepool Personnel Ltd
  • Global Exec. Solutions Ltd
  • Hays Specialist Recruitment Ltd
  • Head Medical
  • Health Care Resourcing Group Ltd
  • HW Healthcare Ltd
  • Jarrodean Healthcare Recruitment
  • Kaizen Staffing Solutions Ltd
  • Lucam Consultancy Ltd
  • Mayday Healthcare Ltd
  • Medmatch Group Ltd
  • Medox Paramedical Ltd
  • Michael Page International Recruitment Ltd
  • Nineteen Recruitment Services
  • OSA Healthcare Recruitment
  • Pertemps Medical Ltd
  • Primary Care Recruitment Ltd
  • PSL Recruitment Services
  • Randstad Solutions Ltd
  • Red Group Personnel Ltd
  • Remedium Partners
  • Resource Finder Recruitment Ltd
  • Severn Angels Healthcare Ltd
  • Skycare Recruitment Ltd
  • Solutions Action Management
  • Staffing Professionals Ltd
  • Tradewind Recruitment Social Care Ltd
  • Twilight Recruitment Ltd
  • Vine Social Care Agency Ltd