One year of Greener LPP

This month, we are delighted to be celebrating one year of our Greener LPP campaign at NHS London Procurement Partnership (NHS LPP), which aims to help our staff make more environmentally friendly choices both at work and at home.

The campaign, which launched last year to coincide with Clean Air Day 2021, has enabled the introduction of a local plastic tally to reduce staff use of single-use plastic, the creation of a Greener LPP sustainability resource hub for staff and a series of successful presentations from staff across the business focused on climate challenges and initiatives from different regions around the world.

During this time our Sustainability and Social Value team has also expanded with the arrival of Social Value Manager, Siarah Meah and Sustainability Manager, Simon Rowland, to enhance the work we do both internally with staff and externally with our members and customers.

Michelle McCann, Executive Director for Sustainability and Social Value at NHS LPP, said: “It’s fantastic to reach our first milestone for the Greener LPP campaign. Over the past year it’s been great to see so much enthusiasm from our staff, which was particularly demonstrated when teams presented on climate issues in countries across different continents.”

As part of the anniversary, the Greener LPP team will be sharing information on indoor air pollution with the rest of the organisation and what we can do to mitigating the negative impacts.

“As the membership organisation for London’s health economy, we are perfectly positioned to help London NHS organisations work together to deliver positive patient outcomes, and to support trusts to incorporate sustainability and social value into all that they do. It’s important that we not only support our members and customers in this area, but we also ensure our colleagues keep sustainability at the forefront of what they do in their own lives.”

The Greener LPP team is looking to grow its working group members over the next 12 months and look at what more can be done to support staff to live a more environmentally friendly life.