Start 2021 with an apprentice

NHS LPP is offering its members the opportunity to take on procurement apprentices without the time and cost of appointing a training provider.

The team will be running a mini competition for training providers for procurement apprentices at levels 3 & 4 early in 2021 and is inviting member trusts to join, with NHS LPP running the procurement exercise on their behalf and entirely free of charge.

In addition to making good use of the trust’s Apprenticeship Levy, a procurement apprentice can bring new ideas, different skills and extra capacity.

Many apprentices remain working with their trust - either in a permanent role or through staff bank - and an apprenticeship can also be used to upskill existing staff, helping with employee motivation and retention. The apprentice can be full or part time staff.

The apprenticeship training providers will be chosen through a mini-competition using the NHS LPP Apprenticeship Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) and all suppliers that are pre-qualified will be invited to bid.

If your procurement department would like to be involved or if you have any questions, please get in touch with or by Friday, 15th January.