Social Value

Social value is about securing maximum impact against local priorities from all public procurement, leading to a reduction in health inequalities via benefits provided to the economy, communities, society, and the environment. In other words, social value seeks to encourage suppliers to offer additional benefits to local communities extraneous to the terms of the contract.

NHS LPP are working to maximise social value by strengthening communities through collaborative working across the public, private, and community and voluntary sectors to create the biggest impacts.

NHS England (NHSE) adopted the policies advocated for by central government in PPN 06/20 which mandates a minimum 10% weighting for social value and sustainability across all NHS tenders.

  • This was reinforced by PPN 06/21 which redoubled the NHS intent to become the worlds first net zero healthcare provider and how this can be done via the leverage of procurement to encourage the decarbonisation of NHS suppliers.

We researched the London integrated care systems to understand social inequalities that exist in these, resulting in the targeting of four themes from central government’s Social Value Model, these are:

  • Equal opportunity
  • Tackling economic inequality
  • Fighting climate change
  • Wellbeing.

These four themes target a variety of policy outcomes specific to health inequalities in London ICSs and gave rise to a list of 55 measures, available to suppliers, which intend to reduce these health inequalities across local communities and therefore reduce the burden on the NHS in the long term. 

  • The TOMs (themes, outcomes, and measures) were designed in consultation with trusts, ICBs, sustainability teams, and the Social Value Portal to ensure they are relevant
    • The TOMs will also be regularly updated to keep pace with a fast-changing and complex environment
  • The NHS London TOMs also align with central government TOMs to allow for easy comparison between the two.

More information surrounding our approach to social value can be found under 'More Information' below.

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Please also see our resource bank for specific resources on how to maximise social value in procurements.

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