A Guide to Social Value at LPP

NHS LPP reviewed London ICSs to analyse the key health inequalities present in these areas and adjusted the Social Value Model to best address the inequalities highlighted by our research.

NHS LPP takes a mixed approach to social value, considering the quantitative and qualitative elements of social value offers:

  • The quantitative element considers the social value targets and what a supplier is promising (by assigning a proxy value to each measure in pounds), typically this accounts towards 4% of the overall social value score
    • This is the overall £ value assigned to the social value offer
  • The qualitative element considers the supplier’s social value delivery plan, typically this accounts towards 6% of the overall social value score
    • This is essentially an explanation of how the quantitative offer will be completed including details such as: the timeline, reporting methods, plans for continuous improvement
  • These scores are then combined to provide what proportion of the 10% available for social value the supplier achieved.

For our members, NHS LPP can:

  • Administer the social value monitoring tool
  • Facilitate the review of the NHS London social value measures to align with social value priorities in London
  • Provide training for procurement professionals and suppliers
  • Share best practice and social value insights
  • Support members by offering expert knowledge on social value in procurement exercises
  • Track and monitor social value realisation
  • Report and promote the total ‘social return’ on investment.

Please contact Siarah.Meah@lpp.nhs.uk with any questions.