Social Value Curriculum

The pan-London Social Value Curriculum is an educational training programme designed by NHS LPP for member trusts and ICBs to accelerate NHS London capability in social value. The Curriculum is available free of charge to members and is included in their membership benefits package.

Introducing NHS LPP’s Social Value Curriculum. 

Social value considers the positive impacts a given organisation or programme has on the wellbeing of individuals, communities, and the environment by reducing the inequality gaps that currently exist.

Specifically tailored for anyone involved in the procurement, evaluation, award or contract management of NHS contracts, the Curriculum is customised for London as a ‘place’. It provides a foundation of key concepts, essential technical requirements and a working knowledge in social value relevant for procurement project teams to become proficient in their activities.

It also serves as a roadmap to establish the standards required for NHS trusts that must be met in order to comply with public sector regulations on social value in procurement and to meet NHS targets, locally, regionally and nationally.

We have developed the curriculum in line with our strategy to educate, inspire and support our members to navigate forthcoming legislative changes and meet NHS targets with the right skill-set and confidence, whilst providing an enriching experience for the learner along the way.

What is included in the Social Value Curriculum?

There are currently three modules in the Curriculum, two of which are interactive. The total time from starting Module 1 to completing Module 3 is estimated at seven hours. To ensure each learning module is kept live, we recommend that these three modules are completed within 30 days.

A fourth module is in development and aimed at contract managers. More details will be provided at a later date.

About the modules  


Pre-onboarding - Leadership introduction
Tailored for senior NHS leaders in member trusts and ICBs, this session provides a comprehensive introduction to NHS LPP’s Social Value Curriculum. Attendees will receive an overview of the pan-London approach to social value in the NHS, imparting the general level of awareness required at leadership level. An outline of the three ‘deep-dive’ curriculum modules constructed for their teams will also be presented. Learn about the Pre-onboarding session.


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Module 1 - An introduction to social value

A comprehensive grounding of knowledge and understanding will be delivered on what social value is and how it will be measured. To assist with learning, group activities are planned for attendees to consider selecting relevant, proportional, additional and specific TOMs (Themes, Outcomes, Measures). An overview of how social value is evaluated will also be provided. Learn more about Module 1.


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Module 2 - Managing social value in tenders

Module 2 provides deeper insights for procurement teams into how to set up a tender using the Social Value Portal for the measurement of social value in NHS tenders. Procurement and sourcing teams within the same member trust and/or ICB involved in tenders and evaluations should all attend. Learn more about Module 2.


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Module 3 - Social value evaluation

Module 3 is all about social value in practice and provides a comprehensive understanding of how to evaluate social value in bids and select a supplier. This three-hour module is delivered in self-guided e-learning format and can be completed at your own pace. Procurement leads and managers responsible for evaluation in procurement should complete this module. Learn more about Module 3.


Module 4 - How to measure social value in live contracts (launching at a later date)
*This module is currently in development. Watch this space for updates*

How to register for NHS LPP’s Social Value Curriculum modules

Our Curriculum is offered exclusively for NHS LPP members. It is designed for staff in NHS LPP member organisations only. Look out for emails from NHS LPP or contact us directly at to sign up.

How will staff in NHS LPP member organisations access the e-learning modules contained within the Social Value Curriculum?
Staff within our member organisations will be given a weblink to NHS LPP’s Sustainability and Social Value (SSV) Catalogue at a relevant stage of the Curriculum as they progress through the modules. Our online SSV catalogue is housed on the wider NHS Learning Hub.

Any questions or need any further help?
Please contact us at and we'll be very happy to help.


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Module 1 - An introduction to social value
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