New team at NHS LPP to drive sustainability and social value

A new team is being introduced at NHS London Procurement Partnership (NHS LPP) to support member trusts to keep sustainability and social value at the forefront when delivering healthcare services.

The team is being set up to address the key principles set out by the London Recovery Board, who is leading on London’s COVID-19 recovery projects, and is made up of representatives from the business community and the public sector, including the NHS. These key principles are: “To address social, economic and health inequalities, deliver a cleaner, greener London, and ensure Londoners are at the heart of recovery.”

Michelle McCann, LPP Executive Lead for Sustainability and Social Value, said: “At a time of significant change in the NHS, in London and post COVID-19, we’re excited to establish this new team and further demonstrate our commitment to support trusts to do everything they can in terms of sustainability and social value by leveraging their position as London Anchors – key institutions that have significant influence on the health and wellbeing of the community."

Key benefits of a sustainability and social value-led approach include supporting the move to net zero, better economic positioning through use of more local businesses and a reduction in health inequality due to focusing on creating strong, supportive and inclusive communities.

This proof of concept team will create three new fixed term posts and the vacancies will be going live shortly.