Module 2 - Managing social value in tenders

Welcome to Module 2 of NHS LPP's Social Value Curriculum

Training objectives
Module 2 provides deeper insights for procurement teams into how to set up a tender using the Social Value Portal for the measurement of social value in NHS tenders.

Who should attend?
Procurement and sourcing teams within the same member trust and/or ICB involved in tenders and evaluations. 

This two-hour module is delivered in blended learning format. Beginning with an online introduction meeting hosted on Microsoft Teams, attendees will then be directed to continue the module with self-guided online learning available on the NHS Learning Hub.

The module concludes with a regroup online for questions and discussions on “how to define ‘local’.” To check their understanding, participants will be asked to complete a quiz as a requirement to pass this module.

Learning outcomes
On successful completion of this module, attendees will be able to:

  1. Set up a tender on the Social Value Portal
  2. Demonstrate how to manage a tender on the Social Value Portal
  3. Update a social value schedule
  4. Explain what ‘local’ means in the context of your procurements

How to register for Module 2
Simply email and we'll get back in touch with you.

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