What our customers say about our training

Please see the results of our latest satisfaction survey on the Social Value Curriculum training rolled out to date.

What our customers say 

We can say all we like about our Social Value Curriculum and the training sessions we are running for our members but the only people whose opinions we really value – and learn from – are those of our members and customers.

We strive to make sure we tailor our training sessions to meet the needs of our member NHS trusts and ICBs accurately. How we build strong working relationships with members and an understanding of their requirements in the changing NHS landscape is based on their feedback and enagagement.

If you haven't yet given us your feedback or if you haven't attended any of the training sessions provided to date, please get in touch with us at socialvalue@lpp.nhs.uk.

Member satisfaction rating

NHS LPP SVC Training Feedback From Members 

Quotes from members who have attended the training

"Excellent training products to support further learning. Excellent presenters who make this a safe learning environment."

"The information that Sarah provides is conveyed in such a clear way that it makes the detail of the course a lot easier to understand and really leaves you feeling confident taking the next steps."

"A really useful session. Looking forward to Module 2!"

"Good interactive session."

"It was a very nicely designed module which clarified lots of questions I had about social value and how it is being calculated and assigned proxy values."

"Thank you for delivering this."

"Really well presented and engaging and just generally run really well!"

"Sarah is an excellent presenter. Very knowledgeable and comes across like a teacher which helps as I feel it sinks in more so to speak."

"Very well delivered presentation."

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